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Keymacro is a powerful, easy-to-use and small command line utility that can turn text or key words into a macro for programs such as Notepad, Word or Excel. KEYMACRO allows you to create a short sequence of keystrokes that can be used instead of typing in a large amount of repetitive text.
With the help of the program you can convert text into a macro that can perform actions such as opening a specific file, opening a new Notepad window, opening a Word document or opening a specific Excel worksheet.
What is new in this release:
+ Created a new set of support emails for people who have problems with the program.
+ Updated the About dialog box.
+ Several improvements for better performance.
Keymacro is freeware. You can find more information about it at

So for a basic two-word combination, say “qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm”, you need a total of 18 characters, for the first word plus nine for the second plus a few to make it into one complete string. This is not one of those situations where a dictionary lookup is more efficient.

For this you need to define a dictionary that is composed of a specific language and a dictionary.
There are a lot of very useful dictionaries out there for English, some free and others of course also paid.

In my case, I have a paid dictionary that has a big list of abbreviations of all kind of things. Say, for example, a list of abbreviations for words and phrases in English that I would use a lot, or simply a list of some random words I often use in text, say, news stories.

Those dictionaries also define their own number of lookups per second and also the speed at which the dictionary needs to be updated. Those are both important for the performance of the program.

These settings can be set in the Options dialog box, after a run.

The range of possible strings you might enter and the way they are being encoded is defined in the Keygen screen, after a run.

The Format screen is where you change the number and speed settings for what they will be encoded into.

All in all, it is a very flexible way to get the job done.

If you want to see how well it works on your end, please try 384a16bd22

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A Kee PMAC can be used as a keyboard that also acts as a mouse. You can use the included CODE Beeper to learn Morse Code. To receive a message, simply press the assigned macro key. You can assign any key on your keyboard, or use the pre-assigned keyboard macros.
KEYMACRO-Mouse Features:
Mouse features:
You can customize your own KeePMAC, by assigning macro keys, or connecting to a device, and control it through the on screen menus.
Multiple keyboard layouts and input devices:
This keyboard uses 8 different input methods to work with a variety of devices. You can connect to a USB port, a USB receiver, or any analog device using its 3.5mm plug.
N-Key Rollover:
You can assign up to 4 different levels to each of the 8 input methods.
Alternate Function Keys:
Function keys can be assigned to the 7 extra buttons on your mouse. You can control the 6 functions, or any of the 7 buttons on your mouse.
Save any configuration:
You can save your configurations in the config.dat file in your KeePMAC. All keyboard layouts and input methods, as well as the 5 macros can be saved and re-loaded in the future.
Large Keyboard:
This keyboard features a very large 25 key qwerty keyboard.
The CODE Beeper can play a poker sound, or signal you have won the sound by delivering an audible tap.
Advanced Macro:
Every macro key can be assigned a duration and a tone. You can assign a sound to any key you want, using the Advanced Macro. For instance, the Alt key can also work as the Ctrl key.
Multiple input devices can be assigned to one macro key:
You can assign an input device to the key that is linked to a macro. It is very convenient to assign several keyboard macros to the same key, and simply tap on the macro key and enjoy the sounds.
You can loop your macros endlessly. You can change the sounds to be played by the code beeper from silent to a full blow sound.
Multiple Macro Themes:
You can choose from 5 different themes, like the default background color. You can assign all the macros to a theme, or set the keyboard to default settings.
Multiple key lengths:
You can choose from 5 different key lengths, like the default 5 key length.
USB Receiver Features:

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