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When you click on this key macro it will split the two selected points. If the two selected points are on the same line, the macro will split the line. If the two selected points are on two different lines, it will create a new line between the two points.
If the two selected points are too far away, it will use the Distance function to create a distance between the two points.
If the two selected points are on the same line, the user can choose whether the two selected points should be moved up or down.

Click on the Start button to activate the macro.

2.2. Options

On the Add-in Options tab, you can set options for your new macro.

If you need to select two points, you can use the Select points function to select two points.

If you need to select one point and then move it to another location, you can use the Select point function.

2.3. Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate this add-in?

If you already installed this add-in, you can just activate it from the Tools add-in.
If you don’t have it installed, you can install it by going to the
“Plug-in for Add-in Manager” option and selecting
the file “SplitM8.r3”.

When I add some points in the drawing, I cannot add more than two points. Why?

If you are using the shortcut key CTRL+LMB to select multiple points in order to activate the macros, you should press the SHIFT key when you use the
Insert function.

How can I change the order of the shortcut keys?

You can change the keyboard shortcut key by following the steps:

On the Tools tab, click on Options.

From the Keyboard tab, click on Shortcut Keys.

From the Shortcut key box, click on Customize.

From the List box, select an order for the shortcut keys.

2.3.3. How can I change the position of the shortcuts?

On the Options tab, under the Position section, you can change the position of the shortcuts.
You can drag and drop the shortcuts into a new position.Q:

WPF Binding listbox to property of listboxitem.items

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KeyMacro is an Internet Explorer addon that enables users to customize their browser’s keyboard shortcuts with “Mini-Apps”. These “Mini-Apps” are small applications that can be installed into the default Windows registry and controlled through an interface from within the browser.
KeyMacro Description:
The program includes an intuitive, built-in interface which allows users to:
Install their own “Mini-Apps”.
Select a “Mini-App” and a shortcut key.
Configure a “Mini-App” with a few properties, such as: Name, Description, Command, Alt, Shift, Control and/or Screen Lock.
Restore and restart a “Mini-App”.
Enable or disable a “Mini-App”.
Uninstall a “Mini-App”.
Uninstall all “Mini-Apps”.
From the “Configure Keys” option, users can create new keys for all “Mini-Apps” that are installed. Each “Mini-App” can have its own shortcut key.
The user can also enable multiple shortcut keys for a “Mini-App”. The “Control Panel” and “Start Menu” also allow users to add shortcut keys through the “Mini-App” interface.
If the user has selected a “Mini-App” for a key, pressing the assigned shortcut key will launch that “Mini-App”.
Install “Mini-Apps”
KeyMacro offers an easy and intuitive interface for users to “Install” their own “Mini-Apps”. The “Install” function will install “Mini-Apps” to the default Windows Registry and assign them the same shortcut keys as the original “Mini-Apps”. Users can select either “All Users” or “Selected User” as the default selection. Users can also select a path to the “Mini-App”’s installation folder to ensure the “Mini-App”’s shortcut keys are registered automatically.
Select a “Mini-App” and a shortcut key.
Each “Mini-App” can have multiple properties, such as: Name, Description, Command, Alt, Shift, Control and/or Screen Lock.г¤rmbild-150-imgsrc-ru/

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