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JMac JMac is a modular PC-audio unit, supporting multiple processors, multiple hard disks, multiple RAMs, or multiple of any of them. It’s a very simple tool to view, record, and playback PC-audio files on a network. These files can be created by anything from a Windows PC to an Audio/Video capture device or other audio recorders.
-Cross Platform (Win32, Linux)
-Sound Unit Management (up to 32 devices)
-Multithreaded and Thread-safe (possibly faster)
-Runs on Windows and Linux
-Support for 1/2/4 Channel Audio
-Supports Audio capture devices such as OV100, Creative Audigy, Zoom H2, etc
-Sound Unit (Sound Card) Manager
-Support for MIDI Ports
-New Software Plugin for Digital Audio Mixing (You can mix using any software like Ardour, qtractor, etc)
-Built in Audio Mixing Control Panel
-Built in MIDI mixer Control Panel
-Record and Play Audio and MIDI Files on the network
-Exclusive Audio Access Control Panel (You can control from another PC and audio device)
-Unlimited Sound Units
-Support for Remote Control (from another computer)
-Work on LAN and WAN

Network Music is a network based Audio distribution system. Network Music allows users on any Windows computer in a network to listen to and record the same music, and playback and record the same music from any location on the network using a Windows Media Player and AudioRecord or similar software. A user can also choose to mute the sound from one computer, and listen to it on any other computer in the network.
Network Music can be used to:
-play the same music from any computer, and control the volume and other settings on all other computers in the network.
-record, play, and record live music
-record any audio from any audio source, and playback it live or record it to a networked storage device
-mix multiple audio sources together, and balance their levels between each other
-Mute any one sound source, and listen to it live, or record it to a networked storage device
-mix multiple sound sources together, balance their levels between each other, and control the playback volume of any sound source from any sound source
-Mute any one sound source, and listen to it live, or record it to a networked storage device
– eea19f52d2

Kabeja is a new java library for handling DXF (and other) files.
It is written in Java and can be used from the command line or embedded into your application.
Kabeja is designed to be light weight, to process DXF files quickly, to be reliable and to be reasonably easy to use.
Use Kabeja for your own applications or to generate the SVG/DXF conversion as part of your workflow.
Kabeja Features:
Kabeja has the following features:
– Fast DXF2SVG conversion
– High performance
– Light weight (only 6 MB for a complete DXF2SVG conversion)
– Very easy to use
– Support of all file types DXF, DXF+
– Support of all drawing file format: Shape
– Support of all geometry elements: Line, Polyline, Polygon, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Arc, ArcOf, Spline
– Support of all coordinate systems: Auto, User
– Support of all angle units: Degrees, Radians, Millians, Arcseconds
– Support of all edge definitions: Edges (no topleft, no bottomleft, no auto,…)
– Support of all clipping paths
– Support of all DXF attributes: DxfAttribs, shapeindex, grid spacing, plotter settings
– Support of all set layers
– Support of all DXF notes
– Support of all DXF relations
– Support of all DXF comment lines
– Support of all DXF extras
– Support of all DXF drawings
– Support of all DXF components
– Support of all DXF coverage
– Support of all DXF group codes
– Support of all DXF filters
– Support of all DXF keywords
– Support of all DXF groups
– Support of all DXF elements
– Support of all DXF types
– Support of all DXF styles
– Support of all DXF marks
– Support of all DXF groups
– Support of all DXF symbols
– Support of all DXF font ids
– Support of all DXF colors
– Support of all DXF glyph ids
– Support of all DXF strings
– Support of all DXF tag ids
– Support of all DXF string data
– Support of all DXF properties
– Support of all DXF attributes
– Support of all DXF layers
– Support of

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