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SD Cropper is a.NET Framework 2.0 Application. It is designed to be a fast and easy way to crop a directory of files.
This application is a 1.5MB download.
Additional Comments:
You can find the download at The program is now being hosted at
Hai Ngo – Project Author

Hai Ngo – Author of the book “Picture Perfect” –

You can find out more about the author on their website,
Additional Credits:
If you have used any of the code or images in this application, please let me know and I will provide an updated copy of the code for you.Q:

Erro: Argumento Inválido

Utilizo o Delphi XE5.3, quando eu executo, me aparece o seguinte erro:
[DCC Error] JobConfig.pas(21): E2250 Arquivo ou diretório não encontrado ‘..\packages\Apache2.4.12\bin\httpd.exe’.
Alguém sabe o que está ocorrendo?


O arquivo httpd.exe deve ser escrito com letras maiúsculas.
Você está escrevendo “..\packages\Apache2.4.12\bin\httpd.exe”

Our view: Look, I get it. Fewer cars means fewer accidents eea19f52d2

This is Axmedis multiskin player with SKIN for PC. With this player you have all the option to play with your own skin. It will play video and audio files from any format. It can play files in files as well. This player is easy to install and simple to use.


1- Supports all multimedia files (video, audio and image)

2- Supports all Windows Media formats

3- Supports all Audio formats (MP3, AAC, OGG, M4A)

4- Supports all image formats (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG)

5- Supports all video formats (FLV, AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4)

6- Supports all image formats (PDF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG)

7- Supports all animation formats (PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF)

8- Supports all sound formats (MP3, AAC, OGG, WAV)

9- Supports FLASH and support any FLASH skin

10- Supports any custom made SKIN of any form from oval to classical media player look

11- Supports all AXMEDIS plug in technologies

12- Supports any URL, that has all resource (data) for that URL

13- Supports API of any AXMEDIS product.

14- Supports all process of the player (CD burning)

15- Supports all audio processing (eg: adjusting volume, fades, crossfades, sending to different device)

16- Supports all video processing (eg: adjusting volume, fades, crossfades, sending to different device)

17- Supports all data embedding (e.g. EXIF/XMP/IPTC, etc..)

18- Supports all embedded containers (e.g. FLASH, HTML, PDF, etc..)

19- Supports all embedded styles (including HTML and SMIL)

20- Supports all embedded java scripts

21- Supports all resizing operations (eg: after resizing or rotating)

22- Supports all multimedia object processing (eg: color correction, adding effects, adding transitions, etc..)

23- Supports all security operations (eg: extraction of specific frame, import and export of the security)

24- Supports all protection (eg: database copying, import and

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