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MACRO Keys for this app are:
-9 (9)
-/ (slash)
+ (plus)
= (equals)
– (minus)
. (period)
Spacebar – to switch focus.
* – To repeat the last used operation.
To see more details about the each of the keys you can double click on a key or use the menu commands, go to the KeyMacros tab.
KEYMACRO Controls:
Relative positioning of the standard calculator functions keys
-9 (9) – left
. (period) – center
/ (slash) – right
+ (plus) – top
= (equals) – bottom
– (minus) – top right
Spacebar – to switch focus.
With a click of the +/- button, the number in the top input area will be added/subtracted to the bottom input area.
When you are working with simple calculations such as 7 + 5 = 12, the calculator will be ready to accept a new number from you, so simply enter the new number and press the spacebar or use one of the buttons to continue.
When you are working with multi-digit numbers, you will enter each number you want to add or subtract into the top and bottom input areas and press the +/- button. The calculator will automatically total your numbers for you.
After your numbers are total, simply press the = button and press the spacebar to accept the answer.
You can clear the calculator’s value by pressing the backspace key.
Clicking on the Restore button will clear the calculator’s value and allow you to reuse the calculator’s value.
You can record your calculator’s values in the top input area by pressing the Home button.
You can record your calculator’s values in the bottom input area by pressing the End button.
Your calculator’s values can be saved in a text document for later use. Just open the File menu, select Save, and click Save.
Save your text document in either the Mac or Mac OS X Extended format, whichever you prefer. You can edit the contents of the saved text document by double clicking on the file.

Scientific Calculator is based on a regular Apple Mac OS X app. It works well with Mavericks and Yosemite.

Scientific Calculator is based on a regular Apple Mac OS X app. It works well with Mavericks and Yosemite.

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Additional information:
You can access all the functionalities of the application by using the “More…” button at the top of the screen. This feature will give you the ability to open a quick guide to any section of the application that you would like to understand.

In order to provide the best possible experience, this site uses cookies, which are small text files that are placed on your computer to help the site provide a better user experience. Information about cookies is also available on this site. Find out more. = -2*f**3 – 10*f**2 – 12*f – 10. Let v(p) = -3*p**3 – 11*p**2 – 14*p – 11. Calculate -6*g(j) + 5*v(j).
3*j**3 – 5*j**2 – 2*j – 5
Let q(l) = l**2 + 1. Let j(y) = -y**2 – 2. Let c be 0 + -2 + 3/3. Let u(d) = 5*d + 1. Let h be u(-1). What is c*j(b) + h*q(b)?
-3*b**2 – 2
Let s(u) = -u + 1. Let v(z) = 1. Let o be -3*(1 – 2 – -2). Let q(r) = -2*r + 1. Let t(j) = o*v(j) – q(j). What is 4*s(l) + 3*t(l)?
2*l – 1
Let u(b) = -b + 1. Let v(q) = 4*q**2 – q + 1. Calculate -4*u(c) + v(c).
4*c**2 + 3*c + 3
Let o(d) = -d – 5. Let l(f) = -f – 6. Suppose 1 = -u – 2

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