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QuickTime Alternative is the perfect alternative to iTunes. QuickTime Alternative provides all the features of iTunes and even more. QuickTime Alternative lets you watch your media, manage your media collection, find great free online content, listen to your favorite music, play music from your iPod, watch videos, podcasts and more from within the app. The app is based on the excellent software QuickTime Player, and features a full screen mode, iTunes integration and more.

QuickTime Alternative Features:

Free of charge. All functionality and features are included in the app. No extra cost.

Watch movies and television programs.

Watch music videos, live performances, and more from the world’s most popular online video sites.

Listen to music from your iPod or other portable devices.

Podcast and audiobook playback.

Create playlists, and manage your media collection.

Turn web videos into playable media.

Watch iTunes U videos and more.

Create screensavers.

Take notes and create journals.

Look for free movies, audiobooks, and more.

Start or stop the playback at any point.

QuickTime Alternative Screenshots:

iTunes Tagging Tool – Fast

Tag a Music Video – The Easiest Way

QuickTime Alternative has now integrated with Windows Live Movie Maker, allowing you to easily and effortlessly use its features with Windows Live Movie Maker. Now, simply right-click on a video and select “Tag With Windows Live Movie Maker” to do the same. Your video will be tagged with the the same tags that are used in Windows Live Movie Maker.

A new feature allows for the creation of a new Windows Live Movie Maker project directly from the QuickTime Alternative window. Select the video that you want to create a new project and QuickTime Alternative will automatically open Windows Live Movie Maker. Use the usual controls to create a new project.

QuickTime Alternative Windows Live Movie Maker Integration Screenshot

iTunes Tagging Tool – Quick

QuickTime Alternative now integrates with iTunes and allows you to create tags using the iTunes Tagging Tool. You can use the iTunes Tagging Tool to either add or edit tags for a video. Simply select the video in iTunes and QuickTime Alternative will open the Tagging Tool window.

Now simply right-click on a video and select “Add iTunes Tag” and then “Edit iTunes Tag” to create new 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO allows you to record macros with a combination of key strokes.The keyboard shortcuts available in Windows are limited in what they can do.For example you can’t macro the keyboard commands to quit, add, or move items in a tree control.You can’t macro actions which don’t exist in the Windows shell.By writing a macro using the key commands supported by KEYMACRO you can control an entire application.You can make it open, move, or close documents, cut and paste, fill a dialog box, select a file, open a file, close a file, start a program, close a program, and do many other things.
So, this version fixes some bugs found in previous versions and adds some
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There are a number of new icons added in this version.They make it easier to find some of the most used features.The icons are shown in the following order:
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The game will NOT run on the Dosbox and Dosbox DOS emulators.

There are several enhancements that make this version of Get It Right! different from all other freeware games.

You can now delete files, drag and drop files between files and folders, drag and drop between folders and rename.

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