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This is a Java Peer-To-Peer DHT based on Chord algorithm. The system aims to be simple, and also generalization to other algorithms.
The system has two services, “put” and “get”. “put” and “get” can be used without HTTP.
“put” is a service of exchange to put resource into the system. “get” is a service of get resources from the system.
The system is based on Chord DHT. Using the jDHTUQ to fill out in the Chord DHT.

Current stable version of jDHTUQ v2.0.1
Source code:

Current development version of jDHTUQ v2.0.2
Source code:

Current development version of jDHTUQ v3.0.0
Source code:

BSD License

* Reference to RFC 6627 added.
* Reference to RFC 6298 added.
* Wording of “Change of origin” added.
* Dependency to JUnit added.
* Using Apache’s ‘org.mockito’ added.
* Changed source code jar to be a dependency.
* Clean up the project structure.
* Default port is now 8789.

* First public release of jDHTUQ v2.0.1

* First public release of jDHTUQ v2.0.0

* First public release of jDHTUQ v1.0.0

* Added source code to jDHTUQ.

* First public release of jDHTUQ v1.0.0-rc2

* Fixed source code.

* First public release of jD eea19f52d2

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