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A cute cartoon kitty learns the lesson that a big ball of yarn isn’t necessarily the best place for a nap.
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Windows 95/98/NT/XP/20031. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a novel chimeric multimerization domain, a chimeric multimerization domain protein produced therefrom, a protein complex formed from the chimeric multimerization domain protein, and a use of the chimeric multimerization domain protein.
2. Description of the Related Art
According to the research on the gene for the heavy chain of the human natural killer (NK) cell-associated antigen in 1996 (Nature Biotechnology, Vol. 14, p. 1234), a genomic library was constructed using cosmid DNA prepared from a human NK cell-associated antigen-positive cell line (SNK6 cells), and a genomic clone which includes a protein coding region encoding the heavy chain of the human NK cell-associated antigen was identified.
Then, two more genomic clones were identified using the genomic clone encoding the heavy chain of the human NK cell-associated antigen, and these clones were inserted in the bicistronic expression vector pCEP4 containing the hygromycin B resistance gene and neomycin resistance gene (Cell. Mol. Biol., Vol. 37, p. 533). Furthermore, the function of the heavy chain of the human NK cell-associated antigen expressed in the above-mentioned manner was confirmed in vivo (Eur. J. Immunol., Vol. 26, p. 2006).
A heavy chain protein encoded by the above-mentioned genomic clone of the human NK cell-associated antigen is composed of the same structural regions such as the N-terminal variable domain, the hinge domain, the constant domain, the membrane anchor domain, the transmembrane region, and the cytoplasmic region.
A natural cytokine having the receptor for the heavy chain of the human NK cell-associated antigen (CDw160) has been identified (Nature Immunology, Vol. 2, p. 641). A function of the receptor for the human NK cell-associated antigen is assumed to be not only to cause the killing action in human NK cells, but also to make it possible to receive various signals as a receptor of the immune-cell receptor. The receptor for the heavy eea19f52d2

SendLater is a utility that helps you keep track of your incoming and outgoing emails. It allows you to define a schedule to send emails automatically and then forward them to certain recipients. It is built to save time and energy when you send e-mails or send bulk messages to a large number of people.

SendLater is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook. It will appear in Microsoft Outlook’s  toolbar, to allow you to run the utility from within Outlook. To use it, simply launch the SendLater application.

It is also available to users of Windows Mobile.

Integrated in Outlook’s  toolbar
Simple, intuitive UI
No additional software
Intelligent e-mail configuration
Runs in Outlook 2003/2007/2010
Helps you save time
Sends messages when Outlook is not running
Sends messages automatically based on a schedule
Receives reports on sent messages every time it sends
Automatically sends emails when you do not receive a reply
Allows you to resend e-mails after a given period of time
Allows you to send an e-mail to recipients who do not enable e-mail redirection
Schedules the e-mails for when you do not receive replies


I’ve been using the SendLater functionality for a few months now. It’s fantastic. I get an email right at the time I need to send it, and it makes a mess of my inbox even less cluttered. I love it.

How it works
SendLater runs in the background of Outlook and as soon as you launch Outlook, a dialog pops up allowing you to set up your e-mail.
You can either define when you want the e-mails to be sent or based on a schedule. The former option simply sends the e-mails at the given time, and the latter adds a sequence to your contacts to indicate when you want the e-mails to be sent.
The utility can forward messages to up to 100 recipients. You can also block the option for a specific recipient or set up to receive reports on sent messages, and it will automatically resend the e-mails after a given period of time.
Just like every other automated utility, you will need to enable e-mail redirection for the utility to work.
In case you use this tool for work, then you can always disable it when you leave the office and turn it back on when you return.

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