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DiRT Rally 2.0 – Sweden (Rally Location) Cracked Download

Free Download DiRT Rally 2.0 – Sweden (Rally Location) Cracked Direct Link – Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead – På vår sajt finner du en.By Jonathan Fildes

Science reporter, BBC News, Seattle

Image copyright SPL Image caption Armed with newly designed genes, scientists hope they will be able to engineer a microbe which can make a fuel

By arming genetically modified microbes, the team hopes to create a new kind of fuel.

The team spliced genes from photosynthesis into the species commonly used for genetic engineering, known as Escherichia coli (E. coli).

But the new species, known as Synechococcus elongatus, did much more than photosynthesise.

It also made a type of organic chemical known as bacteriochlorophyll, containing nearly twice as much energy-rich carbon as does a normal plant.

“We’ve been using this bacterium to produce a lot of natural products,” said Dr Adrian Savage at the University of Adelaide, Australia, who is a lead author on the study published in the journal Nature.

“It’s been the workhorse bacterium for years and years,” he told BBC News.

“It’s what bioengineers have been using for basic metabolite screening, for biological instrumentation, for studying the mechanisms of the cell, when you want to see something in a cell that you’re not going to find by just looking.”


Bacteriochlorophyll is the first example of a new kind of photosynthetic pigment discovered at US lab The scientists took E. coli and adapted its genes, known as Photosystem I and Photosystem II, to make bacteriochlorophyll. The team made the discovery by accident.

The team found that photosystem II would start making bacteriochlorophyll, he explained, “when it was under sufficiently high light stress.”

High light stress is a sort of biological, and quite literal, camera flash. And then, the researchers realised that they could make bacteriochlorophyll in much greater quantities when their biological camera flashes were combined with the bacterial sensor for oxygen, known as the FNR protein.

Dr Savage’s team “reverse engineered” the bacterium’s genes to make it produce significantly more bacteriochlorophyll than any previous example.

The new pigment “is much better at storing energy,” he

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