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The AMOVA-PREP package allows the user to run the algorithm of Excoffier (1998) for calculating exact AMOVA and its associated permutation tests from dominant marker data using input files generated by DISTREE, DNASP and Genepop, and also export the resulting data sets into a number of formats (e.g. PLINK, PAUP, PHYLIP, and MEGA) for use with the WINAMOVA program.
The algorithm is designed to run in either Windows or Linux operating systems and is written in C. No source code is supplied.
Please refer to the documentation and source code on the project’s web site (at the URL listed above) for instructions on how to use AMOVA-PREP.
For more information, see the project web site.
Feel free to contact me if you have questions or wish to report a problem.
A Knowledge Base article (in PDF format) is also available (see below).

Best wishes,
R.J. Hollingsworth
RCAST South Africa
[ AMOVA-PREP 1.0, June 2001. Downloaded 10-01-02. ]
A Knowledge Base article describing this package is available as a PDF file at the following URL:

There is also a link from this page to a web-based version of the article.
Contact address:
University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Statistics
Department of Mathematics
West Campus
1210 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706
United States
The address of the Department of Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is:
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1415 Linden Lane
Madison, WI 53706
United States

If you would like to receive news about the program, enter your email address here:
[AMOVA-PREP 1.0, June 2001. Downloaded 10-01-02. Please send email. ]
Use of AMOVA-PREP without obtaining permission is strictly prohibited.

R.J. Hollingsworth
RCAST South eea19f52d2

This licensed software component is provided by JungleLabs.
For detailed information please refer to the license.txt file in the source distribution.
The installer contains a compressed file, or a,.tar,.tgz or.tar.gz archive.
For information about the usage of the archived content please refer to the Archive.txt file in the source distribution.
Developer’s Guide:
Developers, please read the information below.
For detailed information about how to extend or create your own application please refer to the Wiki.
The Maverick SSHD component package includes an installer.
Please see the file “README.txt” included with this package for additional information.
The component installer is a compressed file, or a,.tar,.tgz or.tar.gz archive.
For information about the usage of the archived content please refer to the Archive.txt file in the source distribution.
In order to install the maverick-sshd component you should extract it from the ZIP archive or double-click it. You will see the “Setup Wizard” (The Wizard will start automatically if you are installing it on a Windows computer).
1. During the installation you should choose the component to install and the destination path.
2. Then click Next.
3. During the installation you should choose the JRE/JDK which is used for the component.
4. Then click Next.
5. The component is installed.
It is assumed that you already have access to a machine with the JDK.
Any paths or JRE names used within the component will use the location of the environment variables defined in the Java SDK.
Please ensure that you have the appropriate JDK/JRE before you begin the installation.
The component can be extended to support custom authentication methods as well as plug-in file systems.
Currently we do not support a directory listing without authentication.
This does not mean that the implementation is limited as we will make changes at a later date.
However, the current implementations does give a very high level of security.
If you require support for this feature in a specific instance, you will need to contact us.
In order to support custom authentication, you must create an implementation of the interface NativeAuthenticationProvider.
This interface is provided with the exception that we did not include support for local authentication as this was not required

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