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Evil Dicom (Evil DICOM) is a DICOM/NEMA security implementation. The libraries main goal is to provide a safe, secure, and stable implementation of DICOM communication. The library is complete and supports all DICOM groups. Evil Dicom works by storing all file objects to a file system. The file system is contained to a single directory on a specified drive. Files can be stored in various formats such as ZIP or FAT12. This allows Evil Dicom to be used on a Windows and Linux OS. Evil Dicom is written in C# and has been designed to be a high level library. The library has a useful helper and support routines to assist with the parsing of DICOM file formats. The libraries documentation includes lots of test cases for the library. The libraries has been designed to easily handle all types of files and images.

Evil Dicom opens the door for many interesting applications, here are a few:

Evil Dicom is an Open Source DICOM library that has been developed for more than 2 years and is in use in a production environment. Evil Dicom has been used by many clients and been tested on Windows and Linux. Evil Dicom has been used for parsing of medical images, RT plans, structure sets, and display of images.

Evil Dicom is still a young project. We are considering adding more application for Evil Dicom. To read more about Evil Dicom, check out our website at Evil Dicom is still in development and is not guaranteed for future support. However, if you are interested in Evil Dicom, we do encourage you to join our mailing list at to keep up to date on the project. You can also join the official #evil-dicom IRC channel on and you are always welcome to read the changelog or view our issues page at


Evil Dicom is free software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. You can read the full license text here

We want to use the power of the Internet and the amazing assets of our clients to 9670d34096

Foto Trimmer is a powerful image editing program which allows you to perform the most common image operations. With this image editor, you can change the brightness, contrast, color, and add a frame to your picture, and you can resize it, stretch it, rotate it, and flip it. You can even change the image’s resolution to a different one. You can also easily crop your photo to get rid of unwanted areas and adjust the trimming, so that it will fit more comfortably. Furthermore, you can resize, rotate, flip, or add a frame to your picture. You can also resize the picture by changing the aspect ratio. The tool is designed in a way that you can easily perform such image modifications. This image editor comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to perform your edits.

fotoTrim is an image editing program to resize and trim pictures, which was developed by Marco Ulli Wagner. The primary purpose of fotoTrim is to edit images and resize them. In addition, fotoTrim also allows you to crop and stretch images, plus rotate and flip them. fotoTrim can also let you set the picture’s resolution, and increase or decrease the trim area’s size. Furthermore, fotoTrim allows you to have the picture displayed in various sizes, as well as in full screen. It can also change the picture’s background color. fotoTrim allows you to do all these things through the intuitive user interface. The interface of fotoTrim is very simple to use, and doesn’t require any additional software or web browser plug-ins. To save time, fotoTrim automatically saves all the changes that you make to the picture in your image’s original resolution. To do this, you just need to move the mouse over the picture. If you are using the.jpg file format, fotoTrim will automatically resize your pictures.

photoResize is an image editor program for Windows 7 that can be used to resize, crop, and enhance your photos. This program can also add a wide variety of effects to your photos, including: resize, flip, rotate, mirror, and even create a black and white version of your photo. You can resize or crop your photos, and apply various effects such as saturation, brightness, contrast, and more. This powerful tool also lets you add a variety of frames and borders to your photo. The program will make it easier for you to post your photos on websites, and create
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