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A method used to mark code fragments that are also to be checked.
The KEYWORD_ASM macro is designed for marking areas of code that should be checked for assembler code. To accomplish this task, you need to use the following syntax:

file1.asm, file2.asm, file3.asm, file4.asm,


The function accepts two parameters:

MYKEYWORD: The name of the assembler macro

the path to the directory containing the compiler, which is included in the

PATH variable


The function takes as an argument the name of a build property whose value will be used for marking the specified assembly.

CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROGRAM_PATH() takes a list of all directories in the PATH environment variable, and the function replaces each of them with the name of the specified build property.

Calling CMake with the DYNAMIC_KEYWORD_INIT option will have the effect of marking a number of assembler snippets with the MYKEYWORD variable that may be used for future static analysis. The snippets must be located in the assembly code of the library, which is usually the case for the macro used by the

The keyword provides a means to manually mark a set of potentially troublesome fragments. The DYNAMIC_KEYWORD_INIT macro works like a marker that denotes a known section of a program, but the only difference is that this marker is not checked in the test of the macro itself.

During the test of the macro, the assembler code is run first, and then the assembler is halted, which allows us to mark the part of the code we are interested in. This mark is cleared after the test of the macro, which is followed by the execution of the program. The macro requires some special preparation before it can be used.

Below is an example of the usage of the DYNAMIC_KEYWORD_INIT macro:

CMake Portable

CMake Portable is a professional open-source application whose purpose is to help you 384a16bd22

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