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Toxmatch Portable is a reliable chemistry solution aiming to encode similarity indices in order to ease the operation of grouping chemicals into categories.
The application can be used to:
– Add up to four chemical categories in the database
– Define similarity indices for chemical similarity calculations
– Compute pair wise chemical similarity
– Manage and search for chemicals in the database
– Calculate chemical similarity with a sample
The application is designed to be operated within a relational database, such as Microsoft Access, MSSQL, SQLite or MySQL.
A single file contains all the information about each chemical category.
The results of chemical similarity computations are presented in a table view.
The main features are:
– Perform chemical similarity computations
– Manage chemical categories in the database
– Perform pair wise chemical similarity calculations
The application can export similarity matrices into Excel format.
– Export similarity results into an Excel file
– Exported data can be used to build a heat map or other graphs
– Excel file can be easily integrated into other applications
– All similarity indices used by Toxmatch Portable are customisable and are defined by the user.
Additional features include:
– Filtering out non-active chemical categories
– Sort chemical categories by similarity values
– Sort chemical names by similarity values
– Sort chemical names by categoryAnd I’ll drink to that.

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File name: DameWare Exporter
Exe file size: 1460 kb

Version: 0.0.3
File name: WMIPropertiesExporter 1.0
Exe file size: 1697 kb

Version: 1.1.0
File name: Standard Exporter 0.0.2
Exe file size: 1683 kb

Version: 0.0.3
File name: WMI Properties Exporter
Exe file size: 1697 kb

Version: 0.0.3
File name: DameWare Exporter 1.0
Exe file size: 1460 kb

Version: 0.0.3
File name: DameWare Exporter
Exe file size: 1460 kb

I found the problem with WMI-Properties-Exporter. I had an old version installed but didn’t know that. I’ve uninstalled it and now it works fine.
Thanks for the review.

Does anyone know where to get a version that has been updated to work with WIndows 7??

Hi again,i’m a newbie on this forum,because my English isn’t that good.I’ve a problem with this software. I’ve update it to work with windows 7,but the software doesn’t work correctly because I have access to the network drives from the remote computer.I mean,when I choose the exportation task,there are no option to share the remote network computer’s folders.

I’ve tested the software from a new computer (Windows 7, of course), and the exporting task works correctly, and even if you don’t specify the source computer, it shows you all available network drives. Is there any option that enables the use of the shared folders?Duke Blue Devils football coach David Cutcliffe has agreed to terms on a new contract extension, a source told on Thursday.

It’s not clear how long the deal is for, but it is believed to be a four-year extension.

Cutcliffe, who was in his first season leading the Blue Devils after serving as Tennessee’s head coach from 2004-13, was hired in January. Cutcliffe has a contract option for the 2015 season.

Cutcliffe is 75-25 in his nine seasons at Tennessee. In four seasons at

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