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* Add context menu entries to enable you to quickly change the colors of system-protected folders
* Any folder can be changed to any color you want
* Color can be changed with the mouse or via keyboard
* Color names can be saved
* Colors can be changed from the toolbar or from any context menu
* The toolbar shows the currently active color and allows you to edit its name
* The color picker can be integrated in the toolbar or from any context menu
* System settings can be saved, so that any color change will be automatically applied
* System-wide settings will take effect without restarting your system
Folder Colorizer Link:

folder colorizer, windows 7, 8, 10, explorer context menu, changes color, color picker, icn color, icn8.
Download Folder Colorizer here:

The following applications have been rated the highest on Internet.
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The following applications have been rated the highest on Internet.
Check out our other review sites!

I am not sure I agree with you. How could it be so obvious that not every computer user is a rookie? There are quite a number of experts using computers for years and there are many who have never used a computer at all. Now in the era of internet, most computer users are knowledgeable about computers. Folder Colorizer is a very simple and easy to use application. I think it is not a gimmick.

Windows Colorizer – Free Download (Viewers Can Restore Old Color And Add New Theme To Windows 7)

Folder Colorizer is a small Windows application created to assign a different color to any folder on your system.
Basic technical knowledge is enough because Folder Colorizer introduces an entry in the Context Menu and thus allows you to simply right click a folder to change its color.
The application already comes with eight predefined colors, but it also allows you to define your very own and even save it by writing down an unique name.
It’s all just a matter of clicks and while this could be very well considered just a task more appropriate for rookies, it could come in handy to every computer user out there.
The application doesn’t affect system performance in any way and the best of all is that it works smoothly on all Windows versions on the market. What’s more, it only asks for administrator privileges in order to change the color of system-protected folders.
Last but not

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