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In the last release, ZipInstaller supported 32/64bit self-installation of utilities. Now it also supports 32/64bit self-installation of programs.
The installer can now handle the case when the required files are not in the correct folder.
ZipInstaller works like the Unzip software, but in addition to this, it is able to create self-installers. This means that the Zip file, with all its content, is expanded into a folder without using any temporary files.
A self-installer can also be generated by means of another utility, such as Updater or WinUpdater.
The Self-installer is just like a normal executable, and it can be started from the start menu.
Windows Vista comes with a lot of new security features:
1. User Account Control (UAC) (required user rights: Administrative)
2. Application Certification
3. Trusted Installer
If you are creating a self-installer you should be aware of these security features:
1. The self-installer has to be signed by the same certificate which created it (or the user will be asked to enter a certificate for your application)
2. The self-installer should be registered as a trusted application by your User Account Control (UAC)
If the user does not accept the certificate (there is a ‘Decline’ button in the UAC dialog) the self-installer is not executed.
If the user accepts the certificate, the application will be registered as trusted application, and the self-installer will be executed.
So, if you are using a self-installer, you will have to make sure your user accepts the certificate.
3. The Uninstaller is signed by the same certificate which created it (or the user will be asked to enter a certificate for your application)
As I’ve described before, the zipfile is just like an archive: it is not an installer. It contains all files needed for an installation, and a self-installer application is created from that. But, if you need to register an executable as a trusted application, there is no way of doing it: the InstallerExecutable won’t be registered as an Uninstaller.
This means that it is a bad idea to use the uninstaller as a self-installer: if you make a new Uninstaller, the users will not be asked to accept eea19f52d2

Cleaning Utility for Win32.Mofei is a software utility for cleaning up the computer memory used by the Win32.Mofei worm. It scans the computer for evidence of the worm’s activity. It should be run on all computers used to run infected clients.
Security Risk: There is always a risk with installing new software, and cleaning up a system from known malware. This tool is intended for use by the CERT/CC, Computer Emergency Response Team. Please read the Readme file to see how the software is intended to be used.
Download The Cleaning Utility for Win32.Mofei

Free Schedule Optimization Software
Scheduling problems are common in business organizations. You can optimize your schedule with this free software, but don’t expect miracles.
This Schedule Optimization software consists of a personal page where you enter the data of the jobs and the dates in which you should work and a professional page where you receive an automatic solution.
The program offers the following features:
Intelligent graph plotting
Automatic graph plotting
Automatic (perceptron) algorithms
Inefficient for large jobs
Scheduling optimization
Graph optimization
Optimization for a large graph
Scheduling software
Schedule optimization

KeePass is a free and open source password manager and keychain, supporting databases and a variety of platforms. It supports many popular web browsers and can run as a local Windows service or from a USB stick. KeePass features an intuitive graphical user interface and it can connect to remote KeePass databases from a variety of sources, like FTP, FTPS, WebDAV, LDAP, various email accounts, local and network Windows shares, and more. KeePass will generate and remember strong random passwords.
KeePass supports both the old v1 and the new v2 export formats.

Buddy has long been my go-to instant messaging client. The Buddy Application for Linux does not disappoint. It is highly configurable, easy to use, and intuitive. Most of all, it is compatible with most instant messaging protocols.
The Buddy Application is an easy-to-use messaging client based on the Buddy technology, which debuted on Windows and Mac OS X.

FruitComb is a powerful and feature-rich multimedia organizer that can sync music, videos, podcasts, and photographs and arrange them automatically based on music, video, or audio tags. It can manage your media on your local computer, online storage,

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