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NewMacros.LoadFile [ ]
Loads the specified macro into a file. The macro is contained in a.txt file and each line of the file should be a name=value pair, separated by a semicolon. In order for this macro to be defined, it must be in the program’s startup macros, or else it will not be called.
NewMacros.LoadFile filename [ macro-startup-arguments ]
Loads the specified macro into a file.
template :
Similar to the “new” command, this creates a file and loads a specific template macro. If filename is omitted, then the contents of will be loaded. If the macro is in the default startup macro of the dot file, then the macro will be called.
template :
Like the “template” command, this creates a file and loads a specific template macro. If filename is omitted, then the contents of will be loaded. If the macro is in the default startup macro of the dot file, then the macro will be called.
NOTE: By default, the startup macros of file are hidden in file named DummyMacros. In order to make the startup macros visible, include the option “-showDummyMacros” in the “classExec” command line.
mkdir temp; classExec –action createDir temp
This command will create a temporary directory and start a file with a default startup macro named “classExec.macroCreateDir temp”.
Saving the generated file will save the temporary directory as well.
– the startup macro is “classExec.macroStop” which is defined in file named “DummyMacros”
– the macro file is “dot.mac”
– a file will be created with the default startup macro if no file name is provided
– existing files in the file path that don’t already exist are not created
– The file specified must contain the macro definition of the macro called “classExec.macroStop”.
– temp/ will be created if it does not exist
– Note that even though the temporary directory 384a16bd22

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• Keeps the macro names in a list box
• One click inserts and deletes the macros
• Eliminates typing when creating new macros
• Automatic formatting for text in macros
• Automatic expansion of the formulas
• Allows you to save macros on the disk.
Keymacro was made specifically for building and maintaining the macros in the Notepad and notepad++.
Keymacro keeps the data in a list box, so you don’t need to write it down. It helps you to keep all your macros and to be able to quickly insert them. There is one click for inserting and deleting macros.
Keymacro provides automatic formatting for text in the macros and automatic expansion of the formulas.
To save a macro, you can press F5. To save the macro in a file, you can press CTRL+S. You can choose the location on the disk of the file that will be saved.

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