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KeyMacro for Mac is the powerful Mac application for keylogging. You can record the keystrokes typed by your Mac users with one click and use them later. By analyzing and storing these keystrokes, you can track any suspicious activity in the users’ system and you can use this info to build a better awareness of your Mac users’ daily activities.
KeyMacro is a powerful tool which is designed to record all keystrokes from any Mac system. This tool is suitable for monitoring purposes and enables you to store and analyze keystrokes typed by your users. It works with any type of Mac system (MacBook, Macbook Air, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro, etc) regardless of the operating system.

REMOVEBOOK Description:

By using REMOVEBOOK, you can remove all of your information from an ebook or ePub. And it will also prevent those illegal ebook clones from spreading all over the internet. You can not only protect your intellectual property rights but also make sure your privacy is safe.


Advanced Clipboard Cleaner, keeps track of every copy operation and removes all of the patterns.

This software also has a built-in virus checker which will check the program files for the presence of known malware.

Online Previewer, from a desktop app you can preview and download an ebook or ePub anywhere with just a few clicks.

New Features and Improvements:

1. Shows black text on the screen when the time to the end of the ebook/ePub is near.

2. The ability to use the copied/pasted text to search the web with Google and Bing.

3. Ability to insert a screenshot when the text is censored.

4. Removes all the punctuations (commas, semicolons, etc.) when you copy/paste.

5. Ability to copy/paste the text when it is censored.

6. Ability to select a word or group of words in the book and the cursor will automatically be inserted to the right position in the ebook/ePub.

7. New option to reset the book to start from the beginning.

8. New option to auto-scroll the page when the cursor is moved to the right.

11. Option to pause the auto-scrolling.

12. Shows the number of pages in the ebook/e d82f892c90

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A key binding macro which allows you to insert a key combination to launch a macro or shortcut. Macros can be re-bound to other combinations.
This feature can be used in several ways, depending on how the user wants to activate the macro, which combination of keys, and how much time needs to be given before executing the macro.
KEYMACRO allows you to bind a key combination to a macro so that when you press the combination you will launch the macro.
KEYMACRO can be executed whenever you want, even after you close the program.
KEYMACRO includes an option to create multiple actions for a single macro. You can define, in advance, which macro has to be executed when the user presses the macro combination or key combination. You can also create shortcuts or even assign a key combination to launch a macro.
KEYMACRO can remember and execute commands from a file or text document. All you need to do is to give it a text file containing the macro combinations.
KEYMACRO allows you to create hotkeys that will allow you to open any text file in your system. You can assign one of these hotkeys to any text file to launch it, whenever you want.
This macro can be modified according to your needs. Just go to “Options > Preferences > Keybinding” in the application and customize as you wish.
If you do not want to use a macro, but a hotkey, then select “Use default hotkey” when registering a key combination and when you launch a hotkey, the macro combination is automatically activated.
KEYMACRO does not require any installation. You can install it by launching the Windows Installer file and after the installation is completed, the program will start automatically.
It has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
Speed Boost
The speed of key combinations can be improved using KEYMACRO. You can activate and deactivate the modifier keys as you wish to speed up the user interface.
If you use “Ctrl” + “Space”, for example, the macro combination will be activated only when you press the space bar (the key combination used to indicate that the program has received a hotkey press). In this way, KEYMACRO allows you to launch the program faster.
You can also enter the modifier keys for a hotkey from a text file. This way, you can modify the activation of a key combination at any time

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