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+ Reminds you what are you working on
+ Single click to open your icons folder
+ 16.3 MB
+ 100% Color vector

Zippy Archive is an easy to use program that allows you to add categories, favorite programs, and even archive your files.
Zippy Archive is an easy to use program that allows you to add categories, favorite programs, and even archive your files.
Zippy Archive Description:
+ Easy to use
+ Add categories, favorite programs, and archive files
+ Support powerful tags like ZIP
+ 3.7 MB
+ 100% Color vector

Recycle Bin is one of the most useful windows application. Ever had a file that you deleted and then you forgot where? Or wanted to try and save your data just before you formatted? If you’ve just lost that data, the Recycle Bin will help you get it back.Q:

How to execute script without installing any programs and with Python?

When I write python in command line, it is OK.
If I execute script in:

it starts working with Python 2.7 (because my Mac is running on OS X 10.6.8).
But when I try to execute:

it says:

Permission denied

So how can I make it work without installing any programs and with Python 3?


If you are using python 3, this is what you need to do to run the script from command line:

In my case this worked, even on a mac.


You can also add the shebang (#!) at the beginning of your script to tell the interpreter (python) to use python3 instead of python2:

You can also make this the default for any script you create:
chmod +x

So if you created a file called test, you would put:
chmod +x test

Now you can run it by simply typing:

The following background information may present examples of specific aspects of the prior art (e.g., without limitation, approaches, facts, or common wisdom) that, while expected to be helpful to further educate the reader as to additional aspects of the prior art, is not to be construed as limiting the present invention, or eea19f52d2

Protect your data from prying eyes.
Complete protection of your files on CD
“DiscKeeper BlackBox” gives you an effective way to protect your valuable files on the CD. With our unique algorithm, we have encrypted your data files to protect them from malicious copying attempts. The patented algorithm in “DiscKeeper BlackBox” is an excellent tool to protect your files on CD or DVD. The unique algorithm is developed using leading-edge algorithms. “DiscKeeper BlackBox” prevents your data from being read by others. The secure protection of your digital files on the CD is possible with DiscKeeper BlackBox.
High-speed, easy-to-use
With “DiscKeeper BlackBox”, creating a protected CD is easy, even for people with no IT knowledge. All you need to do is create your protected CD, insert your blank CD in your CD/DVD drive, and our software works for you. The software will not only encrypt your files, but also provide you with detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to create a CD with DiscKeeper.
DiscKeeper BlackBox requires your CD to be blank. Once created, your CD cannot be reversed or tampered with.
Benefits of protecting your data on CD:
– You can store your valuable documents safely on CD.
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– A CD is the best place to keep your data safe.
– Protect your data on a CD.
– Keep your data secure.
– Burn your

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